Week 1.2: Introduction to College Writing

Understanding Rhetoric, 1-34, 171-177
They Say/I Say, 1-15, 141-144

Study Questions:
1. Watch Anita Sarkeesian's TEDx Talk. Afterward, make notes on what you remember most clearly; then watch the video again, paying close attention to what you see when the most memorable information is presented. What information does the speaker convey visually, either with media accompanying the talk or with body language? How well do the visuals and words work together? Note: This question has been adapted from Understanding Rhetoric.

2. Read the paragraph from an essay by Emily Poe, a student at Furman University. Disregarding for the moment what Poe says, focus your attention on the phrases Poe uses to structure what she says (italicized here). Then write a new paragraph using Poe's as a model bur replacing her topic, vegetarianism, with either the topic covered in Anita Sarkeesian's video or one of your own. The paragraph can be located on pages 14-15 in They Say/I Say.